NSWC Philadelphia Division, PA Housing and Relocation Information

    Housing Information
    On-base housing is not available at NSWC Philidelphia Division, but relocation assistance may be found at NSA Philadelphia. Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) Allowance For Housing (BAH) is provided by the military to help active service members with living expenses, and can be used for off-base housing.

    • The NSA Philadelphia Housing Services Office (HSO) can be reached at (215) 437-9455/9520 and should be your first point of contact when you receive moving orders. They provide services that will help you with referrals, relocation assistance, guidance for entering a lease agreement and tenant-landlord disputes.

    NSWC Philadelphia Division On Base Housing

    • NSA Philadelphia Unaccompanied Housing is processed through the HSO (215) 437-9455/9520, and can assist single service members with check-in requirements, room assignment and barracks protocols.

    • On-base privatized housing is not available for either NSWC or NSA Phildelphia. See off-base housing options below.

    NSWC Philadelphia Division, PA Off Base Housing

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